It takes a village... help design a website.  So, I "thought" I understood how to connect everything in the behind the scenes of a website.  Apparently, I didn't.  So I will try again to publish a Blog to your email.  My apologies!!  

It also takes a village, or at least an architect (or two), an interior designer, and very skilled tradesmen to get a house of this caliber off the ground.  We are excited to be part of this project. We have been working with Jack Arnold, a world renowned architect, on this project for a few years now.  If you want to see what this home has the potential to be, check out his website  His homes and designs are high style.  This is a quick sketch on his original concept.  

The first order of business is the stucco color, window color, stone, and roofing.  After that, we will begin to work on the kitchen and it's layout and selections.  This drawing could be a great start.