Form Follows Function

Your home is where you live, but do you want your home to look lived in?

In decades past, decorating had strict rules and homes had formal rooms. It was common to have formal sitting rooms that were scarcely or never touched. Lately formality seems to be giving way to functionality, however. Parlors have become “man caves” and formal sitting rooms are often craft rooms, play rooms, or offices.

The small house movement is in full swing with people choosing houses under 1,000 square feet. Some are taking it even further, by moving into tiny houses, which have fewer than 400 square feet.

With people choosing smaller and often less formal spaces, does this mean that decorating has gone by the wayside? On the contrary, this shift has led to even more conscious decorating. Instead of filling their houses with many pieces, people are often selecting fewer, but more meaningful pieces of art and memorabilia. As some opt for smaller spaces, space planning and decorating become even more important. We all want to come home to a space that welcomes us and feels like home, no matter the size, how formal or how “lived in.

This antique Swedish linen cabinet was carefully chosen for this small sitting room. When closed, it serves as a lovely statement piece and when opened it reveals a TV, remotes, DVDs and player and also serves as a bar. 

In smaller spaces, it's important to find pieces that can serve multiple purposes.